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Besides doing some web development projects, I also like reading and writing. That’s why I made this blog to share my stories, thinking, and journey, especially about mental health. Besides that, I want to have something to look back at. Through writing, I can remember again what I have been through, and what I have learned. Writing makes me understand better about myself and others. Writing also makes me stronger.

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Soul care is essential for maintaining overall well-being. Just as we care for our physical health, our innermost self, often referred to as the “soul” or “inner spirit,” also requires attention and nurturing. The ultimate goal of our soul care is deepening our relationship with God and living a Christlike life and also to achieve a sense of wholeness and well-being in our lives.

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Daily Journal for My Soul Care – 1 Month Guided Journal Notebook to Nourish your Soul – Completed with Planner, Reflection, Gratitude, Simple Bible Study Guide. Perfect Daily Journal Notebook for Your Self and Soul Care Routine

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